A Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program is available to all residents. 

Therapy services, including occupational, physical, and speech therapies, are provided by highly skilled and talented therapists. Staff therapists coordinate the programs and consult with nursing staff on the restorative nursing program.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a skilled medical service that focuses on a person’s ability to perform his or her daily activities. Disease, injury, and debility may cause a person to lose their ability to complete self-care, function in a work setting, or manage personal home affairs. OT helps to determine the source of the problem and then seeks to solve the problem by either restoring the skill or devising a way to compensate for the limitation.

At St. Anne Home, OT assists residents in regaining their maximum potential for independence in their activities of daily living. This can include areas such as bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, wheelchair and bed positioning, toileting, mobility within the environment, and splinting. 

Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy (PT) provides rehabilitation services to improve mobility, decrease pain, and improve strength, and endurance to allow people to perform their activities of daily life. PT provides individualized treatments that assist residents in regaining their level of function prior to independence at home or in a long-term care setting. 

At St. Anne Home, our physical therapists work with the residents to achieve their greatest potential in mobility, walking, and transfers, which may include moving from a bed to a chair. Through the use of individualized plans of treatment, therapeutic exercise programs are employed to improve flexibility, strength, and balance to enhance gains in mobility. The PT staff is skilled in the use of treatments such as moist heat, ultrasound, and massage to reduce pain and as a method to improve function.

Speech Therapy

At St. Anne Home, our Speech Language Therapy Department provides treatment to improve communication skills including speaking, understanding, reading, and writing. Individuals who have difficulty swallowing are also treated by the speech language pathologist.

In addition, Speech Therapy works with people who have impairments in cognitive skills such as attention, concentration, memory, safety, judgement, problem-solving, and word recall. These skills can be impaired by brain injuries, such as a stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, closed head injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer. Finally, the speech pathologist helps residents with their hearing by checking and cleaning hearing aids. Our Speech Therapy Department works with an audiologist to assess and maximize hearing function.

Restorative Program

Rehabilitation is not over when an individual’s formal program has been completed. St. Anne Home has a highly regarded Restorative Nursing Program. Together, our therapy and nursing staff identify and incorporate strategies that will maintain or increase the gains made during the therapy program into each resident’s daily routines. As a result of this Restorative Nursing Program, our residents complete their care and daily activities as independently as possible.