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Nursing Facility Expansion & Modernization Project

The Future of St. Anne Home Is Being Built Today

Nursing Facility Exp 2015 Groundbreaking

Tending to the physical, mental, and spiritual wellness of our residents has been our priority for more than 50 years, and it is our hope that St. Anne Home will remain a trusted source for superior nursing care well into the future. 

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To continue to offer the highest level of service, while meeting the ever-changing needs of our residents, we have launched a $16 million Nursing Facility Expansion and Modernization project, which will:

  • Add 30 new resident rooms to the nursing facility
  • Modernize existing resident rooms in the nursing facility
  • Increase dining and cooking space
  • Upgrade and enlarge common bathing areas
  • Replace 50-year old windows with new, energy-efficient windows
  • Upgrade the heating system
  • Expand our rehabilitation space
  • Establish a dedicated learning center for nursing staff
Rehab Courtyard

These wonderful enhancements will enable us to offer greater dignity, comfort, and quality health care services to the many individuals who are so deserving of our care. The project was completed in 2018.