Donation Guidelines

It is St. Anne Home’s responsibility productively pursue gifts that will further the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives. The primary consideration in the pursuit of gifts is how they can benefit our charity in the most ethical and unencumbered manner.

Responsibility to Donors

St. Anne Home is committed to the highest ethical standards of philanthropy and development. St. Anne Home will provide accurate information and full disclosure of the benefits and liabilities that could influence a donor’s decision.

Donor Recognition

All donors will be recognized for contributing to the mission of St. Anne Home. However, St. Anne Home also respects the confidentiality of donors who do not want to be publicly recognized. Each donor is given the freedom to determine the degree and what type of recognition they would prefer.

Donation Refund Policy

All donations made to St. Anne Home are irrevocable charitable gifts and cannot be refunded.

If you have made an error in making your online donation, please contact the St. Anne Home Development Office immediately by calling (724) 837-6070. We will work to quickly rectify any donation that can be reasonably shown to be in error.